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Maki sushi: sushi rolls or makimono

Sushi comes in many different shapes. The internationally probably best known sushi form are sushi rolls, iconic with the content in the middle and rice around it. The Japanese umbrella term for the various [...]

Regional sushi specialties

Sushi has not only been invented internationally again and again, but has already developed quite differently in Japan over the past centuries. Many regions of Japan still know their [...]

Chirashi sushi - a Japanese poke bowl?

Chirashi sushi, a kind of bowl with rice and sushi topping, is now also quite well-known in Germany as one of the various forms of sushi. However, there are two types of chirashi sushi. In [...]

Gunkan or gunkan maki - classic insider tip

Sushi not only tastes good, there is also a wide variety of sushi shapes and types. A rarer, but still classic Japanese sushi form are gunkan (軍艦 ), also sometimes called gunkan-maki [...]

Nigiri - the classic sushi form

Nigiri are the typical Japanese sushi appetizers consisting of a pressed, roughly rectangular piece of rice with a topping applied. This topping (neta or sushidane) can be made of raw, marinated, [...]

Sushi varieties & sushi shapes - the overview

Anyone who sits down in a sushi restaurant today, or even just looks at the different types of sushi that parade past the tables on the conveyor belt at Kaiten Sushi, quickly realizes: sushi is not [...]

Kakushizushi - hidden sushi

Sushi is still one of our favorite topics - besides the usual known types, shapes or varieties of sushi, there are also a few very special ones, which we always like to present in our blog. And if you are very lucky, you can sometimes try these specialties in our restaurant or delivery service...