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Bentō - all about the Japanese lunch boxes

Nutritious everyday meal or tempting delicacies of Japanese cuisine aesthetically arranged in a special box - this is Bentō. 

The Japanese Bentō moves in the area of tension between everyday snack and preciousness, between healthy aesthetics and culinary handicraft. 

With its claim to healthy eating and its original Japanese containers, Bentō is a typical representative of Washoku, the traditional Japanese cuisine.

And in Japan, of course, there are not only the ordinary and homemade Bentō, but also exclusive Bentō, composed of the highlights of each cuisine that conquer the top gastronomy. Here is a rough overview of the spectrum that Bentō covers.

The history of Kaiseki

Many small courses, whose ingredients and the respective preparation are just as coordinated with the season as the tableware used: that is Kaiseki. Kaiseki is considered the high form of classical Japanese cuisine. [...]

Moritsuke - the Japanese art of dressing

At SUSHIYA we love Japanese cuisine and that is why we run the restaurant sansaro. But we are not business-blind and prefer to visit other good Japanese restaurants even more than our own restaurant. [...]

Washoku - what makes Japanese cuisine so special

Washoku Japanese cuisine was recognized as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013, making it one of the few national cuisines listed there. But what is so special about this cuisine? What is referred to as Washoku?

Uni - sea urchin in japanese

In Japan, Uni, as sea urchin is called there, is a sought-after delicacy. Thanks to an incomparable spicy flavor and creamy texture, it is also becoming increasingly popular outside Japan. Whether [...]

Yuzu - the aromatic Japanese citrus fruit

Intense fresh, slightly sour-tart fragrance, yellow to orange coloration and incredible aroma - this is yuzu, biologically called Citrus x junos. The citrus fruit comes from Japan, is about [...]

Unagi - eel in Japanese

Eel is a classic of Japanese cuisine. In Germany, the fish is mainly enjoyed smoked, in Japan know many different ways of preparation. "Unagi" is so much more than nigiri, which [...]

Shōyu - the Japanese soy sauce

If a few decades ago, the brown Maggi bottle was found in almost every German household as a kind of universal seasoning, soy sauce has been found in every Japanese household for centuries. [...]

Hitsumabushi - Eel triple enjoyment

Japan, a treasure trove of interesting dishes The Japanese island kingdom is a treasure trove of delightful local cuisines, with each region having its own special ingredients and spices. Until a few years ago [...]