Mayonnaise in Japanese cuisine

Japan - who in Germany doesn't commonly think of sushi, healthy food, long life, the finest ingredients and perhaps soy sauce and miso paste? Some will be surprised to learn that Japan [...]

Sashimi in Munich

Where can you find the best sashimi in Munich? And where can you find good sashimi in Munich? Here is our experience & opinion

How to recognize good Japanese restaurants

Sushi seems to be available on every corner today - but only Japanese chefs know how to season the rice properly and cut the fish correctly. Something like that [...]

Washoku Glossary

Washoku Glossary Japanese cuisine is an endless treasure chest of exciting stories. Here we link a few terms we've encountered on our forays into Japanese cuisine. A B [...]

Japanese kitchen herbs

Authentic Japanese cuisine likes to focus on the inherent flavor of the ingredients used and refrains from mixing flavors together too much. These should complement each other much more. From this [...]

Bentō - all about the Japanese lunch boxes

Nutritious everyday meal or tempting delicacies of Japanese cuisine aesthetically arranged in a special box - this is Bentō. 

The Japanese Bentō moves in the area of tension between everyday snack and preciousness, between healthy aesthetics and culinary handicraft. 

With its claim to healthy eating and its original Japanese containers, Bentō is a typical representative of Washoku, the traditional Japanese cuisine.

And in Japan, of course, there are not only the ordinary and homemade Bentō, but also exclusive Bentō, composed of the highlights of each cuisine that conquer the top gastronomy. Here is a rough overview of the spectrum that Bentō covers.