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Vagabond Catering April 2023

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Again and again, and recently more and more frequently, we are asked for Caterings around Sushi & Japanese cuisine in Munich requested. We are specialized in catering, where it is a matter of individual implementation and adaptation to the wishes and many requests we have to refuse for time or budget reasons.

However, in April we were allowed to work on a special project in a unique location, here we report briefly about it.

Press Dinner Atelier by Vagabond 20 April 2023

The product line Atelier of the Swedish shoe manufacturer Vagabond is characterized by a premium claim, high-quality materials and focus on craftsmanship - a perfect match for our claim to the craft of Japanese cuisine with our claim to high-quality material and implementation of individual catering. The new collection was to be presented at a press dinner.

This catering was very convenient in advance because the client's agency had a mood board that helped us understand the desired scenery and get as close as possible to the client's vision.

Supporting actor in leading role: Atelier Rosa

The catering was then challenged by the most important supporting actor: the special location "Atelier Rosa

The Atelierhaus captivates with a mixture of concrete look and openness, integrated in a quiet, green environment it allows very exclusive events, vernissages etc..

In the run-up inspection of the location together with the owner and other involved trades

The sticking point for us: there are no adjoining rooms, there were no preparation areas, which we usually have in a directly adjacent room for all other caterings. So, since the entire interior space on the first floor was used for the set design, the artistic presentation of the shoes and a dinner for the invited guests together, we had to make do with a tent in the garden.

For us a novelty to provide a Japanese four-course meal and drinks to go with it from a rented tent from the outside, especially in the unfortunately on this day still very wet and cold weather.

Placemat, floral decoration & mood

The table is set, the menu is ready

On short notice, we were also able to provide a small floral decoration for the tables, inspired by Japanese ikebana, to add a certain softness and artistic complement to the Japanese clarity of Atelier Rosa's modern concrete look.

So our floral decoration was at the end of the centerpiece of the room, surrounded by a long table for dining and the installation of the shoe collection designed by an external artist.

A small Japanese menu for the season

In coordination with the client, our kitchen team designed a small, Japanese menu, as always seasonally inspired. Of course, sushi had to be there, around it we put together seasonal appetizers in the first course and - due to the bad weather - recommended a warm noodle soup as the second course. In the fourth course we used a homemade sakura mochi with a marinated cherry leaf. Unfortunately, we have hardly any photos of the meal, there just wasn't time this time.

1st gear
合鴨ロース煮 竹の子土佐煮 高野豆腐 ホワイトアスパラガス 桜人参 蕗含め煮

  • Marinated duck breast with soy sauce
  • Gently cooked bamboo shoots with bonito broth in light soy sauce
  • Koya dofu (tofu)
  • White asparagus
  • Sakura carrot
  • Butterbur
Appetizer with fresh bamboo shoots

2nd gear
海老の掻き揚げ稲庭うどん 打ち葱 卸し生姜

  • Warm Inaniwa Udon Noodles
  • Kakiage tempura of shrimp and vegetables
  • Spring onion
  • Ginger

3rd gear
寿司盛り合わせ 鮪赤身 すずき 帆立貝柱 海老 はまち 鮭胡瓜巻き がり 山葵 土佐醤油

  • Sushi variation:
  • Tuna
  • Sea Bass
  • Scallop
  • Shrimp
  • Yellowtail
  • Salmon and cucumber roll
  • Ginger, wasabi, tosa shoyu

4th gear

  • Sakura mochi

Homemade sakura mochi

As an alternative, we have even offered a vegan-vegetarian variant including corresponding menu texts. 

In addition, we served the guests a coordinated selection of beverages, including wine of course and Japanese sake

The most important thing in our caterings: to meet the expectation of the customers

Every catering is always different, always a new challenge, always individual. For us, the most important thing is to understand and meet the customer's expectation early. 

Therefore we go - as with all other things here - with great attention to detail and need - typically Japanese - more coordination than perhaps other catering companies in advance. Self-criticism is therefore part of it for us, not as a posse, but because we sincerely want to meet the demand for the best quality and advice and learn with every further catering.

As the sun sets, the efforts in the run-up finally come together in an atmospheric press dinner

In this respect, we are very grateful that we were able to carry out this catering for Vagabond in this very special location and that we received great, appreciative feedback despite the special challenges. Especially the cooperation with the agency Prague Agency could hardly have been better.

We look forward to soon being able to carry out a very special, particularly individual catering. The best way to register for this is via our Contact form catering, the more details you give us in advance, the better.

Great atmosphere at the event evening in an exclusive location with selected food and drinks, next door a tent from where we worked
Sharing pleasure in Japanese

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At the request of a special Japanese guest, our executive chef Riichiro Matsui has created a small special for Friday August 18, 2023

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