Gin tasting at the sushi restaurant sansaro in Munich

Sansaro Gin - Tasting

There has been a real boom in gin in Germany in recent years. Although not a "typical Japanese" drink like sake or shochu, the Japanese have also embraced gin and brought some great new products to market. What makes Japanese gin different? What is the impact of the special ingredients used by the Japanese? We'll taste Japanese gin together and, as always, combine that with exclusive creations from our kitchen team.

New dates are expected in the fall of 2020.

Japanese gin

Gin Tasting

Our tasting events are already legendary. Now you can explore Japanese gin with us while tasting culinary exclusives.

We will taste about 5 interesting Japanese gins and as always with us at sansaro, there will be an individual, high-quality food pairing from our Japanese kitchen team for each course, designed just for this event and this tasting flight. We already had a first event in June, due to the great reactions there will be a new tasting at the end of August with new gin and new flight!

Participation fee including gin, lecture and exclusive food pairing 89,- per person. Timely reservation required, places are limited.

The event starts at 15.00 and lasts about 2 - 2 1/2 hours. If you want to stay afterwards, for example to talk shop with friends and enjoy our good sushi, then please let us know in advance of the event, so that we can keep the place free for you.

We had two great tasting events with Japanese gin in summer 2019, new events are currently not planned, as soon as there is another date, you will find out here and in our newsletter. If you wish you can book an individual mini tasting at our restaurant, contact us for that. Reviews of previous events can be found below in our blog entries.

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