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Review Sushi Beginners Course February 2018

Beginner Sushi Course on 11.02.2018

Each course is always a little different, different participants result in different focuses or processes. A very nice sushi course for beginners we had on February 11 again in the restaurant sansaro. Whereby - beginner seems to be almost the wrong word this time. Surprisingly, many of the participants had already had some contact with sushi: some had been enthusiastic regulars at our restaurant sansaro for years. Others had developed their love for sushi through multiple trips to Japan, and one or two had also made sushi at home or attended another sushi course. At this point: thank you very much for the great praise that we received again and again in the introductory round - we are very happy about that!

From theory to practice

Due to the great previous sushi experience, this time the participants succeeded very quickly in advancing from theory to practice and from rolling maki zushi to the king's discipline "nigiri".

Nigiri, the high art of sushi, has then also challenged one or the other. But here again shows what distinguishes our course from other providers: in addition to Chef Saito, our chefs Natsuko and Shindō looked after the participants and assisted where possible. Partly in broken German, partly with translation help from our Japanese service staff - but in the end, real sushi is a craft that you can't just learn from books, but for which you need practice and hands-on experience.

Plus point in the sushi course at sansaro: intensive supervision

So the participants in the sushi course in the restaurant sansaro get exclusive and competent support from a total of 3 sushi chefs for 12 participants. And for our chefs it was also a nice change to be in direct contact and dialogue with the customers instead of always being behind the counter.

At the latest, however, when a fresh gilthead lay on the table and Saito-San explained how to cut it, it became clear again how much Japanese cuisine differs from German cuisine and how elaborate the preparations for sushi actually are. For the sushi in the restaurant, the cooks have to descale the fish for hours before the first order, pull out the bones and fillet the fish - for our course, most of this was prepared, of course, because for sushi at home, you usually buy the finished fillets in specialty stores.

Some participants have nevertheless bravely dared to try the dorado and filleting itself - more in depth it goes then in the advanced sushi course, which we offer for the first time in March. Further information and registration as always under

Our courses are small and fine and the last months always booked up quickly. But we want to keep the small circle and the only monthly rhythm and are especially happy when such a nice circle joins us, like this Sunday. Thank you and see you soon at sansaro!

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