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Mini Kaiseiki Menu Autumn 2021

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Inspired by a special, elaborate menu we recently hosted for a regular guest's 65th birthday, our kitchen has developed a special seasonal menu that will only be available for a limited time.

Try our seasonal Fall 2021 Mini Kaiseki Menu now, the art of high Japanese cuisine in 3 or 4 courses.

  • Sashimi of marinated Oraking salmon (with Konbu-Shoyu) and Tako-Wasabi, served with creamy soup with seasonal mushrooms
  • Pumpkin chili chumaki and temaki to roll yourself (mixed rice with nori tsukudani and tobiko and ikura filling) and maguro ankake temari.
  • Braised Iberico pork neck kakuni-style with pear sauce and tempura of wild broccoli
  • light sweet potato pie with brulèe crust and sansho pepper peanut tuile dentelle

The menu is of course like everything with us only while stocks last, for a few weeks and per evening also always in a limited number of pieces. It is therefore recommended that you book on a quiet evening such as Wednesday or Sunday and write in the reservation that we should reserve one or more portions of the menu for you.

The 3-course option costs 49 euros, the 4-course option (with sushi) costs 65 euros.

We would also like to recommend the "autumnal" sake Shinsen Umakuchi.

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