Easter 2022 - back from Lent

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After Lent (and before our special Kaiseki event) our customers can once again really feast. The chef has designed two specials that you can order midday & evening at Easter!

Opening hours Easter 2022: noon delivery & evening both

2022 we are open for Easter as follows:

  • Easter Sunday 12.00-14.00 Delivery/Collection
  • Easter Sunday 17.30-23.00 Restaurant & Delivery/Collection
  • Easter Monday 12.00-14.00 Delivery/Collection
  • Easter Monday 18.00-22.00 Restaurant & Delivery/Collection

Order sushi à la carte from our extensive selection or our specials for delivery or pick up in the middle of the Amalienpassage.

Specials for Easter 2022 in the restaurant sansaro


Organic chicken rolled with shiso and umboshi, asparagus, shrimp, Label Rouge salmon, Japanese crab crème korokke (croquette) and marinated soft boiled organic egg, served with finely chopped pointed cabbage and homemade tartar sauce


Japanese hamburger made with organic meat (beef/pork) with demi-glace, homemade Japanese potato salad, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and marinated soft boiled organic egg.

And our chef is very proud, says: it tastes really good 😉


Homemade fine cake with MATCHA, nuts, azuki beans and cream filling (for at least 2 people), of course from Organic-Wheat flour with organic eggs.


* 2 Nigiri of French oyster: once marinated in truffle oil, steamed briefly in sake and with a touch of truffle salt and once marinated in Shiso-Ponzu, steamed and with Shio-Konbu topping.

* 2 egg rolls with rabarber mousse, unai wrapper and nori zuke dani topping.

* 2 cooked organic wax eggs "Usagi" on potato nest

sansaro Menu 2020

Finally, in August 2020, there is the long-awaited new menu in the Japanese restaurant sansaro. And of course we set new

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