Season Special Autumn Menu 2017 | SUSHIYA sansaro

Season Special Autumn Menu 2017

There is again a great seasonal special in the restaurant sansaro: the Autumn Menu 2017, a four-course menu with specialties that you do not usually find on the menu. Don't miss it!

Four courses with seasonal specialties in one package

Our Japanese chefs at sansaro have come up with something again. We start with a carpaccio of fine white fish and grilled porcini mushrooms in a fine olive-yuzu-lime sauce. In this way, the mushroom season in Germany is combined with the yuzu season in Japan. The second course is a tempura of crab meat, Hokkaido squash and three kinds of mushrooms.

Finally, as the main course, three small chakin sushi: in this form of sushi, the rice and fish are in a kind of small, artfully woven package of thin egg wash - with us, as always, homemade with organic eggs. The eel is freshly prepared by our chefs -. a typical popular dish in Japan!
Kurikintoki is the hard to read but very enjoyable chestnut specialty with sweet potato and red beans to finish, garnished with honey syrup and autumn fruits.

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Don't forget: the seasonal specials are only ever available in the evening - at lunchtime we have a reduced menu so that things can move quickly and some chefs can take the well-deserved break required by the Working Hours Act. We ask for your understanding that for organizational reasons the individual courses of the menu are not available individually. We look forward to your feedback, gladly as a comment on Facebook or as always via the Contact form on our homepage!

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