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sansaro Winter Menu 2018

Restaurant sansaro will once again offer a special seasonal special starting December 8, 2018: the 2018 Winter Menu. Let us whet your appetite here.

Seasonal special: the winter menu 2018 in SUSHIYA sansaro

Winter is coming, it's the time when you retreat from the "outdoors" to treat yourself to something good. Our brilliant creative chef Masami Saito has taken this as an opportunity to develop a beautiful seasonal special for you. You can now enjoy this in the evenings at our restaurant sansaro. Please note that we can only offer limited quantities of the menu per evening, so only while stocks last.

Overview of the four gears of the winter special in sansaro:

  • "Farewell to autumn": Wild herb salad with marinated mushrooms, salsify and warm tofu, with homemade teriyaki yuzu olive marinade.
  • "Hot heart to winter": light spicy soup with red chili miso, monkfish, oysters, aka ebi and vegetables.
  • "Look to the New": Mushi sushi (warm sushi!) as Bō sushi with unagi, shrimp, duck breast fillet and vegetables.
  • "Expectation of spring": Puff pastry sandwich with red bean-sweet potato-sesame cream cheese filling

On the menu you will find a few more sake recommendations, where we would like to highlight the exceptionally successful Dassai 39 sake.

We are looking forward to Your visit, see you soon at sansaro!

Here are a few impressions from the Winter Special 2018 at the sansaro restaurant:

Winter menu in sushi restaurant Sushiya Munich
1st course in the seasonal special winter menu 2018 in the restaurant sansaro: Wild herb salad with marinated mushrooms
Winter menu in sushi restaurant Sushiya Munich
Bō-Sushi in Winter Special 2018 at sansaro in Munich
Winter menu in sushi restaurant Sushiya Munich
Dessert in the dark season "Expectation of spring".

Reserve your place now at SUSHIYA sansaro, to try the winter menu - we look forward to your visit!'

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