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Valentine's Day 2020 - a trip to Wonderland...

After receiving great praise for our New Year's Eve menu 2019, the same team is already getting ready for Valentine's Day 2020.

We are accompanied by the same wealth of ideas as on New Year's Eve - everyone in the team contributes something and while we are still translating the details, we are only giving a brief preview here, which will be supplemented and expanded over time.

  1. Course: Welcome to Wonderland: Zensai Moriawase, a small appetizer variation of 8 small delicacies, including a mini soup with corn and beet, an umaki as oshizushi (an ura-umaki, so to speak), a small pork skewer in miso marinade, lotus root with umeboshi, marinated edamame skewers.....
  2. Course: Sashimi salad in a small bowl of sea bream and salmon with a small experience factor... (more on this later!)
  3. Course - Main course for the ladies fish, for the men meat (or vice versa): Lamb ribs very ingeniously seasoned with yuzu and shiso, served with a homemade yuzu teriyaki sauce and a very small yakiniku rice burger with wagyu meat and caramelized onions. In the fish variety, there are four special nigiri: kani miso (edible crab) wrapped with blanched white cabbage leaf, a salmon tartare gunkan with paper-thin sliced zucchini instead of nori leaves, dorado nigiri marinated in sakura leaf, and shime saba dressed with sweet vinegar.
  4. Dessert: classic Opera cake with chocolate and matcha, of course, as always homemade by our patissiere.

Accompanied by our popular wine and sake accompaniment upon request!

You will get a preview in the picture of the wine accompaniment here in the picture on Facebook! (currently still being added, look forward to the rare sake Kuheiji Kanochi, more about this tomorrow!)


On this day, unfortunately, as always, there are no regular dishes or sushi à la carte, as our entire team devotes full attention to the special menus.

We open already at 17.30h and reserve the tables for two to two and a half hours, so that other guests also have the chance to have a nice Valentine's dinner that evening.

The reservations from 20h are of course not limited to the back, but we collect at 23.30h for billing reasons and then close at some point so that our team can rest and we comply as always with all legal regulations on working hours, etc..

Please understand that we require a credit card deposit for reservations on such days to protect us from reservations that may not be honored. Free cancellation is possible until 12.02.2020 14h, then just write a mail via the contact form on the homepage.

Please reserve online here!

If you can't get a seat online, feel free to write us a message via Contact form!

We currently still have a few places available for "early" occupancy from 17.30h on the Japanese tatami, as well as in the lounge, where ideally groups of 4 or 3 fit.

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