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Fair Bento May 2022

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In Japan, there are many different types of Bentō for different occasions and purposes. In the middle of May 2022, we had the order to create for the visitors of the HighEnd trade fair in Munich for two days changing Japanese Bentō manufacture. A nice opportunity to show our bandwidth for a Japanese high-end manufacturer.

In contrast to a formal Bentō such as the Shōkadō-Bentō or our Fukiyose-Bentō this time was to offer a meal that can be eaten anywhere and at any time during a short break and can be calculated in pieces.

A simple Bentō for a practical purpose

Although the bento is small, half of it is rice to fill your stomach to some extent so you can get back to work in the afternoon. 

This is accompanied by a main dish that goes well with the rice and four to five vegetable and egg dishes to balance the nutritional content of the meal. Finally, balance is one of the central aspects of Washoku and thus also of a classic Japanese Bentō.

The main course varies between meat and fish depending on the day, so it won't be boring even if you eat it every day.

Bentō #1 with teriyaki chicken

The main dish on the first day was teriyaki chicken. 

Tender chicken with crispy skin comes out of the oven into the pan and is drizzled with a homemade sweet and salty teriyaki sauce. 

The pork wrapped green beans are cooked with rice vinegar, which has a refreshing acidity that makes your mouth water. The dashi maki egg roll with bonito broth has a soft and gentle taste. The chopped cabbage aids digestion.

Bentō #1 to the 2022 HighEnd Fair in Munich, Germany

Bentō #2 with grilled mackerel

The main course of the second day is grilled mackerel.

The mackerel with fat is seasoned with salt, grilled and served with lemon. The refreshing acidity of the lemon gives it a light taste. 

Large Chikuwa pieces (a japanese "bamboo ring" from fish) are fried crispy with the taste of nori (seaweed). 

Broccoli as a seasonal vegetable with sugar, soy sauce and sesame seeds drives away fatigue from work. The salted Organic-Egg with soft-melting yolk is already a popular ingredient in our Bentō boxes.

Bento #2 to the 2022 HighEnd Fair in Munich, Germany

Many options for catering

We are very happy about the different orders we are allowed to arrange for very different occasions. 

One thing always remains the same: our enthusiasm for Japanese cuisine, the use of the best possible ingredients and an intensive approach to the individual wishes and requirements of our customers.

Do you have a special occasion or request? Contact us if you would like to host a meal, which can also convince Japanese guests & customers.

Made in sansaro: our kitchen team preparing the Bentō for the fair.
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