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Sōshū-Fukiyose Bentō September 5, 2023

On September 5, there will be another unique opportunity for lovers of good Japanese cuisine: Chef Riichiro Matsui will again create a Bentō for the Japanese Consulate General in Munich, which will receive high [...]

Fukiyose Bentō April 25, 2023

Again we were allowed to make special Bentō for demanding Japanese clientele in Munich. Here we briefly explain the contents of this Bentō. The descriptions are still being added. Ichi-no-masu (壱の枡) The description of the dishes [...]

Fair Bento May 2022

In Japan, there are many different types of Bentō for different occasions and purposes. In the middle of May 2022, we had the order to create a bentō for the visitors of the HighEnd trade fair in Munich for two [...]

Bentō - all about the Japanese lunch boxes

Nutritious everyday meal or tempting delicacies of Japanese cuisine aesthetically arranged in a special box - this is Bentō. 

The Japanese Bentō moves in the area of tension between everyday snack and preciousness, between healthy aesthetics and culinary handicraft. 

With its claim to healthy eating and its original Japanese containers, Bentō is a typical representative of Washoku, the traditional Japanese cuisine.

And in Japan, of course, there are not only the ordinary and homemade Bentō, but also exclusive Bentō, composed of the highlights of each cuisine that conquer the top gastronomy. Here is a rough overview of the spectrum that Bentō covers.

Fukiyose Bentō April 13 and 21, 2022

Again (after our Fukiyose-Bentō March) we were allowed to make special Bentō for a highly esteemed Japanese clientele in Munich, this time for two occasions at once, which we proudly show again here and invite you to enjoy [...]

Fukiyose Bentō March 24, 2022

Japanese Bentō - made by expert hands - are truly small culinary treasure chests. It is often said that one of the unique qualities of Japanese cuisine is that it starts with [...]