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Coronavirus & Restaurant Hygiene sansaro

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The Corona pandemic is gripping us all, personally or professionally. Here we provide some information on how we can help in the Restaurant sansaro deal with hygiene, how our business is doing with the crisis and, of course, if and when we are open.


  • Cleanliness and hygienic work has always been central part of our philosophy
  • For many years we have also been working with Hand disinfection in our team (in addition to soap)
  • On a side note, great feedback from the food inspection department
  • Additionally we now disinfect door handles, etc. several times a day. in restaurant sansaro
  • We remain in good spirits for you, but whether we survive the slump economically is written in the stars
  • What you can do: Help ensure that restaurants do not have to pay more sales tax than pizza delivery services
  • If there's something new to the topic, this post will be updated
  • Stay healthy, take care of yourself and others, and see you soon at sansaro!

Update November 2021:

  • In our restaurant currently applies 2G, we also check this when you are seated, please have proof of vaccination ready.
  • We have in the restaurant a professional Air purifier with HEPA 14 filter run along, for your safety and ours.
  • Nevertheless we air more often times through, please dress warmer if necessary. We know it's cold in the winter, but safe is safe for all of us, thank you.
  • The Closing time 22h we do not consider reasonable and justified - but until further notice we move our opening hours forward by half an hour and open from now on in the evening from 17.30h, the last orders will then be brought forward depending on the situation of the evening. We ask for your understanding.

Development in 2020

At breakneck speed, the Corona virus, its effects and possible modes of transmission have become the central issue in recent weeks, gripping nearly everyone worldwide and leaving no one unscathed. While the impact is yet to be seen, we are grateful for the situation in Germany, where we are very well positioned medically, where we can trust the public media with responsible and competent reporting, and where the government seems to be acting decisively to protect citizens and support the economy. The safety of the population as a whole and of each individual is a priority, even though we have to be prepared for illnesses that may be serious in one case and harmless in another, it is important to break chains of infection and stop the spread of disease.

Hygiene in the restaurant sansaro - in general and in times of Corona

It has always been enormously important to us at sansaro restaurant that we also work hygienically behind the scenes. For many years, we have used in our sushi restaurant for our employees in the kitchen and service, in addition to a professional soap, also a professional hand disinfection. By the way, for several years now, this has been coming from tana, the professional supplier behind the environmental brand Frosch - so even with the cleaning agents, we strive for Sustainability in our restaurant. Currently we are even experimenting with a Toilet paper made from rapidly renewable bamboo and are curious about the opinions of our guests.

By the way, the fact that in our restaurant employees are regularly provided with hand disinfection at all points is by no means a matter of course in the catering industry. We have seen in recent years in numerous catering establishments behind the scenes quite different hygienic circumstances than with us - and certainly no hand disinfection, in some cases not even everywhere soap and washing facilities for service and kitchen ready. Among them also outwardly "renowned" sushi restaurants, which boast for their long tradition.

Not only do our employees have to be regularly instructed on hygiene regulations, as is usual in the catering industry, but we also organize Trainings with our suppliers about correct use of cleaning agents and about proper, personal hygiene.

All this follows our company philosophy, which for many years has stated that we are exemplary in cleanliness and order want to be. Where we sometimes don't quite manage to keep things tidy, we can basically rely on our team to keep things clean. (If you ever have a different impression, feel free to let us know!)

Sushiya sushi restaurant munich hygiene rules corona, table full of cleaning products

We are also very proud of the fact that recently - at the end of 2019 - the responsible employee of the food monitoring department of the city of Munich visited us surprisingly and, as always, unannounced and was visibly in a good mood after his visit and had no serious shortcomings to express. On the contrary, during a follow-up visit, he informed us that he had meanwhile been with us privately and incognito with his wife on an evening and was even really enthusiastic about the dessert: namely, that was not really good in many restaurants, and we had managed it perfectly - and he immediately spoke of details and bitter substances, which he could obviously judge, since he was a master confectioner before his appointment as food supervisor.

These are small moments that we remember for life, when people from the profession, who are supposed to monitor and control us, where we always don't know if we're not doing something well enough, give us praise from a competent mouth. We are proud of that, we will build on that! For us, cleanliness and attentiveness are part of our interpretation of Japanese culture, both in front of and behind the scenes.

Back to Corona: since the beginning of March, we have naturally taken to paying even better attention to hygiene wherever this seems possible to us. So, in addition to the normal cleaning routine, all door handles, light switches, and toilet flushes are several times a day with Surface disinfection treated.

You don't have to go crazy, but as described, we have had special cleaning agents and additional surface disinfection in our company for many years in order to keep the work surfaces not only clean, but above all pure. We are now benefiting from this by having enough of these agents in stock and doing what we can as a purely precautionary measure. In addition, we are of course responsible for Suggestions and feedback always gladly open!

Opening hours and number of visitors restaurant sansaro in Corona times

Unfortunately, since Tuesday, March 10, the Corona crisis is also affecting us Extremely reduced number of visitors down. Since that evening, sometimes 50-70% fewer (!) guests visit our restaurant. This is of course good for all who come - because you get a seat more relaxed, do not sit too crowded with other guests (which in times of Corona certainly gives a better feeling) and the visit to the restaurant sansaro is less hectic than it is otherwise sometimes on a Friday or Saturday evening with us.

At the same time, it also means for us a enormous burden of which we do not know whether we will survive economically. With the high staffing level of Japanese cooks, as well as the intensive service effort required for a proper, functioning restaurant business with sushi and hot Japanese food, we are forced to always make a certain turnover per evening. Otherwise, we can't pay our employees, our rent, and our taxes and duties - not to mention other costs. And the fact that we register all employees correctly in our restaurant and pay taxes in full (which is also not common in the restaurant business everywhere!) should have become common knowledge by now.

Politicians promise solutions, but we do not know if, when and for whom they will be effective. We have been committed for years to ensuring that there is a Change in VAT for catering there - that would be needed now more urgently than ever and would make sense in the long term. As a restaurant we are predominantly a job and tax producer. The tension and the burden of generating all salaries every month, including extensive social security contributions, the advance VAT payment (19% of every euro you spend with us goes directly to the tax office) is enormous. Because we compete with a price structure, which finds its comparison with food from the supermarket, where every pizza delivery service has a better tax rate than we do. And Germans are notoriously reluctant to spend money on good food, unlike in Japan, France or Italy. So behind the scenes, with the current tax regime, our dream job of preparing good food and relaxed, joyful moments for our guests is unfortunately already taking a back seat to our normal day-to-day business.

How you can also help us during the "absence" is by buying vouchers from our partner Yovite. These are valid for at least three years and can be redeemed for takeaways as well as, of course, for a post-crisis visit to our beautiful terrace.

As long as we can, we will keep the restaurant open so that you can visit us and enjoy quality sushi with a good feeling in a pleasant ambience. Should we have to close our restaurant, should we have to send employees on short-time work, we will inform you as always here on our homepage, in this blog article, and on our Facebook account.

Until the time comes, we look forward to your visit!

Corona Update Restaurant sansaro 03/18/2020:

We are currently here for you daily as follows:

Monday - Sunday daily 12h - 15h for lunch 

Monday - Sunday daily 12h - 20h for take away orders for pickup, after arrangement also sometimes with delivery depending on order size

A special treat is the bento box, which we currently offer for 35 euros (30 euros vegetarian only), on request for 20 euros deposit in a beautiful Shokado box, so that you can make the Japanese pleasure at home almost as beautiful as in the restaurant. Our tip for this a small bottle of Dassai 23 for 45 euros to take home.

Attention: it may be that we are completely closed next week from March 23. Stands as always here and on our Facebook page. Thank you and see you soon at sansaro!

Corona update restaurant sansaro 21.03.2020

Dear sushi fans, we have temporarily closed completely from March 21.

We regret that we cannot be there for you, but we also welcome the measures ordered, consider them right.
We are thinking about setting up a take-away or even delivery service for you in the next few days. Should that be the case, it stands as always here and on our Facebook page.

Let us know if you would be interested and would like to get Sushi & Bento with us!
In the meantime, we wish you, our team and all people the best for the crisis. We hope that we survive the crisis and believe that in the end everything will be fine and some things may be better....

Our entire team is now mostly at home, of course. In the case of chefs & management, that means being confined to very small apartments. But if you can make the best of it, like one of our cooks who sent us a photo of her small balcony from which you can watch a cherry blossom before sunset with a small beer, then we are optimistic and positive 🙂 .

Update sansaro April 3, 2020:

Since April 1 we are closed in the evenings from 17h - 20h for take-away. Please call us at 089-28808484 for your order - if sometimes we do not answer, give us a few minutes, because maybe we are just on the other line 😉

Friday was unfortunately already so busy that we ended up not having enough rice for all callers, so we recommend that you call ahead for larger orders or feel free to send us a message via the contact form a few hours before, we will get back to you. We are working on an online ordering system and if we can make it possible also on a delivery service - stay tuned, follow us on our homepage and on our Facebook page, to stay up to date 😉

All the best - and see you soon at sansaro!

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