New lunch menu summer 2019 | SUSHIYA sansaro

New lunch menu summer 2019

New lunch menu in restaurant sansaro summer 2019

At lunchtime, we always offer a reduced selection of popular or typical Japanese dishes that don't mean too long a wait and still taste great.

Regulars may have noticed that in recent years we have always slightly adapted our lunch menu to the season. Now there is again a new lunch menu for summer 2019 and the following dishes are new and particularly recommended:

Hiyashi Chuka

A typical Japanese lunch in the summertime:
cold noodles with cooked shrimp, surimi, pork, vegetables, organic egg and refreshing yuzu ponzu sauce with a touch of sesame oil.

Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich Lunch Dishes
Popular lunch dish at SUSHIYA sansaro in Munich: Hiyashi Chuka

Zukedon salad

The Japanese answer to poke bowl: fish fillets, vegetables and lettuce marinated in a wasabi-yuzu sauce on a bowl of rice.

Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich Lunch Dishes
SUSHIYA sansaro Zukedon Salad - Poke Bowl in Japanese?

Natsu curry

As the name obviously suggests a summery curry, with lots of vegetables and, if desired, organic chicken or other toppings such as organic eggs or Demeter leaf spinach.

Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich Lunch Dishes
Natsu Curry at Restaurant sansaro in Munich from the summer 2019 lunch menu

Small drink day ticket for the hot weather:

By the way:

currently we also offer a small drinks day ticket with a Mugi cha iced tea - which is an aromatic, roasted barley tea, or an Kōri coffee, a Japanese iced coffee with oat milk. .just the thing in the hot weather 😉

We look forward to your visit, see you soon at sansaro!

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