New drinks menu 2019 | SUSHIYA sansaro

New drinks menu 2019

We are very much looking forward to our new drinks menu, which since November 2019 in the restaurant sansaro is available.

Including a significantly expanded range of Japanese sake, the whisky highball popular in Japan as an after-work drink, a selection of Japanese gin and even a world premiere: the first yuzu spirit!

For those who want it very briefly: just take a look at the video at the end of this post 😉

Overview of the innovations of the drinks menu 2019

Always a great way to start an evening with us have been our homemade aperitifs. We especially like Yuzu Prosecco and Apollo spray - that is Prosecco with Japanese Yuzu sake liqueur from the Fukuju Brewery in Kobe or Prosecco with Amabuki Appollon sake, i.e. two very high-quality Japanese sake products that are better and go better with Japan than any Aperol Spritz that some customers still reflexively try to order from us.

The crowning glory of course is the Fukuju Awasaki Sparkling Sake, virtually the falsefermented champagne sake. Its mild sweetness and acidity, the experience of enjoying the beautiful bottle for two or three at the table as an aperitif....

Everything remains the same with the beers, here we have especially a wide selection from the conventional series of the Steiner Brewery from Stein an der Traun and from the organic series Heinz vom Stein from the same brewery. These beers we have chosen back in 2006, before the opening of our restaurant sansaro together with our chefs to find an organic white beer, which fits as well as possible with our sushi. At that time, the choice fell on Heinz vom Stein, and we have not regretted it to this day. For a small sushi restaurant, we have a particularly extensive selection: Chiemgau Hell, Export, Weissbier hell and Weissbier dunkel, Radler, naturally cloudy Zwickelbier (tip!) and even the excellent alcohol-free version of Weissbier hell (very good!) and an alcohol-free Zwickelbier. In addition, still the Japanese Asahi Super Dry and the Kirin - unfortunately, the selection of Japanese beers in Germany is somewhat limited.

Our offer Wine we have slightly revised as in every map with our partners from Walter and Son. In some places, we omit well-known names such as Chablis in favor of other excellent wines that are less well-known but at least as good. Our top recommendation remains the Riesling Hundertgulden, for spicier dishes our customers love the Riesling "Auf der Lauer". But also the new top wine, the Pouilly-Fuissé AC from Nicolas Maillet from Burgundy has already found a few new lovers in the first days of the new map.

The selection of red wine is slightly tightened, because our guests are predominantly rather white wine drinkers. However, we were recently impressed by the Pinot Noir Tripple G from vondermarkwalter, so that it is now part of our small red wine selection.

The centerpiece of our new menu is the significantly expanded selection of Japanese sake.

Japanese sake is becoming more and more popular with our guests.

Our Sake tastings held 1-2 times a year are great events where we taste different sake and deliver matching, individual food pairings at the highest level. Just now the magazine FOCUS mentioned us in a nice article about the Japanese rice wine.

While many of our customers have never tried sake (or still think of it as a type of Japanese rice liquor), there are others who have drunk their way through the entire sake menu.

Now we go far beyond anything we have ever had and offer the most diverse sake from a typical, Japanese, good drinkable sake from about 50 euros per bottle to absolute high-end products such as the Katsuyama Diamond for almost 700, - euros per bottle. Please understand that we sometimes have limited quantities of this and other top sakes in stock - you are welcome to order them from us spontaneously, should you plan to buy a sake like the Katsuyama Diamond or Katsuyama Den to drink, it is advisable to send us a message a few days in advance so that we can ensure that there is a bottle in stock for you.

Sake tasting flight in restaurant sansaro to taste sake

The special highlight for customers with any budget: there is a Sake tasting flight, consisting of three different sake, which always changes every few weeks or as needed.

In the tasting flight you will find three different sakes of different quality levels - including top sakes such as the wonderful Dassai 23, one of our favorite sakes, which can leave any wine behind, a Katsuyama DEN, where you otherwise have to invest 195 euros for the bottle, or even a Naganao number 7, Kioke or a Gorogiki 40. We create different mixtures of different quality levels, which we offer alternately. You can taste a set of three sake a 4 cl on our tasting board for about 18 euros or share, explore and enjoy a slightly larger quantity (0.1l) with your companion. For tasting small amounts of sake, our wonderful nosing glasses are always best, for all other amounts sake often drinks best from small, classic vessels. But note: Katsuyama sake should always be enjoyed in generous wine or nosing glasses.

Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich Drinks Menu

Selection of rare Japanese whisky in restaurant sansaro

When winter comes, our Japanese Whisky more popular. Our selection of Japanese whisky offers, as in the past, a mixture of excellent entry-level whisky and from rare rarities and specialties that are hardly available anywhere in the world. We are always particularly proud of the extensive range of CHICHIBU whisky, which are sought after by whisky lovers all over the world, collected and sometimes traded for high amounts on whisky exchanges or on eBay. In Japan, it is now even more impossible to get these whisky than with us in Germany. 

New - Japanese gin in restaurant sansaro

But gin, which has experienced an unprecedented boom in Europe in recent years, is now also produced in Japan. There, it is mostly Shōchū breweries that are dedicated to the subject of gin and also produce an unseen variety. We now offer versatile gin between Munich and Tokyo, all of which revolve around the theme of Japan. We focus exclusively on products from small, fine and specialized distilleries.

World novelty - an exclusive spirit from Japanese yuzu

World novelty at the end: together with our friends from Cosmic Spirits we have produced a yuzu spirit that is unique and a world first.

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that has a very special aroma of its own. The yuzu is classically harvested in Japan from November to February and has an almost mystical status there: it is said to have auspicious, health-promoting and beauty-enhancing effects, for example when the Japanese like to treat themselves to a hot bath with yuzu (whole fruit, with peel) at the WIntersolst. This must be due to the unique aroma that yuzu exudes and infatuates its lovers with, an aroma that calms and revitalizes the Japanese spirit. This aroma sits in the bowl and has been coaxed out of the bowl and captured in the bottle by Cosmic-Spirits master distiller Sebastian Rauscher in his famously precise handiwork. We had gone to Japan ourselves to get organic yuzu from the mountainous region around Kawane in Shizuoka. We found what we were looking for with the farmer Yasuaki Taruwaki from Taurwaki en and harvested the wonderful citrus fruit directly from his prickly yuzu bushes and brought it to Cosmic Spirits.

The result is something unique so far, namely a yuzu spirit, a distillate produced in the typical Southern German/Austrian distillation process, purely from the Japanese yuzu. So to speak, typical for SUSHIYA to bridge the gap between both worlds. The yuzu spirit with its special aroma offers the perfect conclusion to a meal with us.

More fine and fruity spirits from Cosmic Spirits

And so that the yuzu does not stand alone, we have placed two equally wonderful companions from Cosmic Spirits alongside it on our drinks menu: the coveted Cosmic Spirits Moro Blood Orange and the Raspberry, both also seasonal, limited specialties of the small distillery from Munich, which impress with a wonderful aroma. Cosmic Spirits has already won several awards in its short existence and is always worth a look - or a visit: You can visit and marvel at the small, artistic distillery in the new Werksviertel at Ostbahnhof (the former Kuntspark Ost).

Drink prices in restaurant sansaro

With the new drinks menu, after almost 3 years (!), there are also a few price increases again, which we unfortunately cannot avoid. We know that some guests accuse us of being too expensive - we understand this thought, because the price increases of the last ten years also surprise us.

At the same time, we also know what we have to pay in fixed costs and what costs actually accrue for good salmon and good material. We cannot "cushion" this, a restaurant cannot remain a subsidized business forever. On the contrary, with our beverage revenue we also have to pay our kitchen team and their ancillary costs - so we also ask for your understanding when we occasionally charge a service fee even for a glass of water. It is simply not the case that a low turnover leads to sufficient revenue to cover good cooks + good material and all associated costs. 

We have always relied on well-trained, Japanese chefs - this has ensured the high quality of our restaurant sansaro for about 12 years. These chefs should get fair working hours and pay, and besides that, the restaurant industry experiences an unimaginable amount of taxes and administration. We want to keep our quality and are still proud of the fact that you can get high-quality Japanese sushi with good ingredients (a lot of organic) and a drink (e.g. the organic apple spritzer from Natürlich Saft) for around 30 euros and get your fill of it - but also taste and enjoy great Japanese sake, enjoy a wonderful, lovingly made sashimi or our popular appetizers.

We will be happy if you continue to visit us in such large numbers and especially if you try the wonderful drinks that we have selected for you. We are enthusiastic about the Japanese craftsmanship and the wonderful variety that is available to taste today and always recommend to you what we personally are also convinced and enthusiastic about. Enjoy the great variety of sake, whisky, wine and other beverages at our restaurant sansaro, in summer on the wonderful terrace and in winter in the cozy restaurant. We are looking forward to your visit!

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