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Japanese kitchen herbs

Authentic Japanese cuisine likes to focus on the inherent flavor of the ingredients used and refrains from mixing flavors together too much. These should complement each other much more. From this [...]

Uni - sea urchin in japanese

In Japan, Uni, as sea urchin is called there, is a sought-after delicacy. Thanks to an incomparable spicy flavor and creamy texture, it is also becoming increasingly popular outside Japan. Whether [...]

Yuzu - the aromatic Japanese citrus fruit

Intense fresh, slightly sour-tart fragrance, yellow to orange coloration and incredible aroma - this is yuzu, biologically called Citrus x junos. The citrus fruit comes from Japan, is about [...]

Unagi - eel in Japanese

Eel is a classic of Japanese cuisine. In Germany, the fish is mainly enjoyed smoked, in Japan know many different ways of preparation. "Unagi" is so much more than nigiri, which [...]