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Sushi Catering Eichenau July 2022

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We were allowed to handle a small but fine catering for a private party in Eichenau near Munich on Saturday, July 23.

Private catering around Japanese cuisine

Caterings in the Munich area around sushi and Japanese cuisine, where quality and individual service are important, are increasingly becoming our specialty. 

While we are at a extensive catering recently in Harlaching were also on site for service, this order was limited to advising the customer and then preparing, producing and delivering the meal, including all necessary accessories, to the customer.

But again, this event was a lot of fun and enjoyable, especially with the feedback we received at the end.

A Japanese catering in home setting on the tables of the hostess

Every catering needs planning

We plan our caterings individually each time and so we had visited the location in advance, as almost always, to get an impression of the location and the exact ideas of the hostess. 

After that we have a small selection of appetizers in consultation with the kitchen and oriented to the budget, Sushi and a warm main course (in this case salmon teriyaki with fresh pak choi) and a - of course homemade -  Dessert compiled and offered as a recommendation.

Authentic Japanese tableware for catering

We have decorated the whole as always with the delivery on our original Japanese plates, which are very different from "Western" dishes, a selection of vegetarian sushi in the classic sushi oke and of course a small decoration of origami to accompany the chopsticks, glasses and dishes. Thus, the culinary quality of our Japanese chefs is also transported visually and haptically appropriate.

This quickly adds up to a lot of material that has to be transported, plus logistics that are of course geared to the customer's schedules, but also to those of the kitchen, in order to get the sushi to the table as fresh as possible at the right time and in the best quality.

In this case, we were not entrusted with service and drinks, so we have withdrawn after last small support measures and the guests could celebrate in peace among themselves. The remaining dishes & equipment was then picked up by us at the agreed date the next day.

For the specialists, connoisseurs and lovers among the party guests there was a small selection of classic nigiri

Attention to detail even for small catering groups

Very happy we are also this time about the feedback we have received. 

The food was obviously very very well received, our quality was noticed and appreciated even by "casual sushi eaters" and the hostess had been particularly pleased with our attention to detail. 

To arrange an individual catering for less than 50 people is apparently not a matter of course - many party services in Munich seem to offer only larger events. For us, it is now a strength and specialty that we can offer catering for smaller groups with high-quality Japanese cuisine.

We appreciate the kind feedback and appreciation for our efforts. 

If you are interested in catering, whether private or professional, please contact us via our Contact form for catering requests.

The traditional sushi oke (round containers) are particularly suitable for a nice catering with sushi
Sharing pleasure in Japanese

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