Sushi course - with experienced Japanese chefs in SUSHIYA sansaro

Sushi course Munich

a look into the complex world of sushi preparation!

Current status still valid:

We are currently unable to offer sushi courses due to a lack of staff. 

Should this change, please inform us immediately via our Newsletter.

Our sushi courses in Munich take place in small groups of maximum 12 participants in the sushi restaurant sansaro. In our hands-on course you will practice making sushi yourself - guided and accompanied by our Japanese kitchen team. This is an authentic and unique opportunity to venture into the subject of sushi together with real Japanese chefs and ask questions - each course is an exclusive opportunity, the dates are often booked up quickly.

Reports on previous courses can be found on our blog at the bottom of this page - also note our Articles about Japanese knives and cutting techniques, and more info from the Japanese cuisinewhich we regularly supplement.

Sushi beginners course

Do you love sushi and want to learn how to make authentic Japanese sushi yourself in a sushi course taught by a Japanese sushi master?

This beginner course offers you the best basis: our team explains all the necessary utensils, gives tips on the quality of the right food and how to find the right fish. You will learn the tricks of making sushi rice and of course practice rolling maki and shaping nigiri yourself - actively accompanied by our Japanese kitchen team, hands-on, so you can do it yourself at home. Sushi course, utensils, rental apron, materials and drinks during the course & when tasting together per person 149,- Euro.

Course duration incl. joint tasting approx. 4 hours, from 11 am to 3 pm, maximum 12-13 participants. This course is also well suited for sushi beginners, but also people who have had their first experience with their own rolls or have attended other sushi courses.

Sushi - Advanced Course

In this course we will focus more intensively on two important core areas of sushi preparation: knives & fish. Which knives are needed, how are they used and how do you properly care for Japanese knives? Under the guidance of our kitchen team you can try your hand at filleting. Special topics will also be covered, such as special cutting techniques for sashimi decoration or how to make tamago, the Japanese egg custard. As a highlight, you will learn and practice special sushi preparation forms such as oshi sushi and Bō sushi. Practical tips on how to serve "Japanese style" will round out your experience.

When tasting together at the end of the course with miso soup and high-quality Japanese Sake you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people and our sushi master.

We have all the necessary utensils ready, but you are also welcome to bring your own knife. Likewise, the focus of an advanced course can also be placed according to the wishes of the participants - so every course is different and interesting topics can always be highlighted or deepened.

Please understand that in the interest of the general progress of the whole course group, we require that you have already gained practical experience in sushi preparation or have attended our beginners course. We also ask for your understanding that the course is not intended for professional chefs or chefs from other sushi restaurants. Number of participants: minimum seven, maximum twelve people.

Sushi course, materials, rental apron and drinks per person 179,- Euro.

For a glimpse of how the advanced sushi course goes, check out our blog review of the first course we held.

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