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New Year's Eve 2018

New Year's Eve at Sushi Restaurant Susyhiya Munich
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New Year's Eve is always an opportunity for the highest quality for our kitchen team. While on any normal evening we have to be prepared, so to speak, for all kinds of customer requests from kappa-maki to yakiniku, on New Year's Eve our kitchen team can focus on completely Special menus and quite Distinct material focus. No wonder that our regular guests are already looking forward to it 😉

Also this year there will be very special menus in SUSHIYA sansaro.


Ōmisoka - 

This year, our Japanese kitchen team has been very involved with traditions and the symbolic meaning of New Year's Eve in Japan, incorporating all their wishes for the coming year into the three menus WakatakeNanten and Senryo (each in four courses) packed.

As with the appetizer, the Zensai Moriawase - with many small delicacies from e.g. lotus root tempura (the many holes of the lotus root symbolize a clear view into the future) or Kohaku Namasu with yuzu marinade (the combination of the red of the carrot with the white of the daikon radish is a symbol for luck).

Or the Toshikoshi Soba with grilled duck and deep-fried rice noodles, which in Japan are a must for the transition from the old to the new year. The long noodles of buckwheat soup are said to give long life and strength for the new year, if you eat the noodles completely. 

The delicate Saikoro steak from Charolais beefflambéed with a cognac (matured in Japanese Mizunara oak barrels), when enjoyed, also makes you forget the worries of the old year. 

This time there is also for the first time a Lobster Sashimi - which we are already very excited about! In addition a Ebi Ajikurabe with the special Tenshi no Ebi - the blue shrimp from sustainable fishing in the South Seas (shrimp symbolize long life).

In keeping with the symbolism, this time our team has also chosen more traditional forms of preparation, such as the Tsutsumi-yaki from Black Cod, shrimp and oysters to take all the senses into the new year. 

For vegetarians our team has also come up with a very nice course, such as the Tempura of exotic vegetables with Bubu-Arare (small rice crackers) or kuzukoromo ingredients specially ordered from Kyōto. 

And the dessert from our patissière, homemade matcha and red bean dorayaki and cream puffs with yuzu cream to delicious persimmon ice cream let not only Japanese wallow in bliss...

We are curious how it tastes to you -. reserve a place in time and your desired menu!

Happy New Year in Japanese!

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