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New Year's Eve 2019

Graphic of New Year's Eve menu 2019 in Sushi Restaurant Sushiya Munich
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Of course, at the end of 2019 there will be two exclusive New Year's Eve menus with us in the restaurant sansaro, with specialties that otherwise never come to the table.


Two menus to choose from - and a great variety: both menus start with a selection of 9 small delicacies from the Shokado box:

Osechi are various small delicacies that have meaning for the new year, gathered in a small box. Included this time are ankimo (monkfish liver), tako no sakura ni (octopus pickled with sakura flowers), ikura (salmon caviar) with grated radish, stuffed egg sticks, mackerel miso and kamo-nasu and others.

Also the traditional Toshikoshi Soba, the auspicious soup with the classic Japanese noodles, must not be missing as an intermediate course. The noodles should be cut as long as possible, so that the resistance of buckwheat helps people to live a long life and overcome the resistances of life.

A variation of mini sashimi made with special ingredients such as crab, toro and other specialties makes up the third course.

In the fourth course, Menu 1 features a special style tempura with a creamy ankake sauce.

In Menu 2, the fourth course is a small sukiyaki of Japanese Wagyu beef with yaki dofu (fried tofu) and shirataki (vegetable garnish), which we serve and simmer in a small vessel right at the table.

The fifth course features a selection of special nigiri in both menus, Menu 1 (Shōmon) with a variation of the popular bo sushi and Menu 2 (Raifuku) with a homemade mushi sushi (lightly warmed sushi) with fresh unagi no shirayaki.

Finally, we have special wagashi from our Japantine patissiere, which is accompanied by chestnut ice cream (homemade, of course). Fresh yuzu fruit is just arriving at our restaurant, from which garnish, flavor and decoration is conjured. A few photos you can see in our Album on Facebook.

Menu 1 costs 85 euros per person and Menu 2 costs 95 euros per person - six courses each, a vegetarian version of Menu 1 is available on request. The journey through Japanese cuisine is of course rounded off by our popular wine/sake accompaniment, which we offer optionally for 39 euros per person (six courses).


As always, we look forward to your visit - reserve a place in time and your desired menu!

Happy New Year in Japanese!

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