Mayonnaise in Japanese cuisine

Japan - who in Germany doesn't commonly think of sushi, healthy food, long life, the finest ingredients and perhaps soy sauce and miso paste? Some will be surprised to learn that Japan [...]

Typical and less typical sushi toppings

Chicken, cream cheese, salmon in chili sauce - there is hardly anything today that you wouldn't find on sushi. But what are actually the typical, authentic toppings of sushi? It all depends [...]

sansaro Menu 2023

At sansaro Restaurant, we pride ourselves on offering consistent, Japanese-authentic quality over many years and many chefs & kitchen staff - since 2007. This is what sets us apart [...]

Kaiseki event on January 25 & 26, 2023

Also our fourth Kaiseki event was fully booked within a few hours of sending out our newsletter and we were able to experience two beautiful, relaxed evenings with very appreciative guests from Munich and the world.

Sake Tasting Flight from December 2022

The cityscape with its bright Christmas decorations these days increases the anticipation of the holidays. Also in the restaurant sansaro Christmas dinners with friends and family and year-end celebrations with colleagues take place [...]