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What is not washoku or Japanese cuisine

Washoku Japanese cuisine is considered one of the most varied and healthiest cuisines in the world. But not everything that comes under the label of Japanese cuisine really has anything to do with washoku...

Valentine's Day 2024

Admittedly - we are a little late this year.... and now there were also problems with the restart of the website due to many hits. But now you can finally visit us [...]

Tableware in Kaiseki and Japanese cuisine

It is often said that Japanese cuisine also means eating with your eyes. We have also mentioned this several times in our articles. Preparing and serving food is always [...]

Trip to Japan

Our (far too small) kitchen team has only just completed two great evenings with a "New Year's Eve kaiseki", the Omisoka 2023, when it's time to move on again: the same team that [...]

New Year's Eve 2023 in the restaurant sansaro

For many years now, the New Year's Eve menus in the sansaro restaurant have been a culinary highlight in our annual calendar and our kitchen team has successfully endeavored to create something very special in every [...]

Christmas 2023 in the restaurant sansaro

Of course we are preparing something very special for the festive season at Restaurant sansaro: on Christmas - December 23rd and 24th - we will be serving a very special Christmas menu. [...]

Momiji autumn menu 2023

Before our head chef for warm cuisine Riichiro Matsui returns to Japan to open his first own restaurant, he serves a farewell - typical for him [...]


An overview of Japanese restaurants in Munich and insight into where to find good and where to find the best Sushi in Munich - here we write about a few Japanese restaurants & pubs in Munich that we would generally recommend.