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Event catering with Toto & Bad Elements in July 2022

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The company Toto is known in Japan and worldwide for the legendary Japanese shower toilets. For an information event for sanitary companies from all over Bavaria, we were allowed to provide the food for a Japanese evening in the north of Munich as part of our catering service. 

Japanese virtues in technology and catering

Of course, we know the Japanese shower toilets of Toto from Japan and have also had very positive contacts with the company Toto itself in Munich. All the more we were pleased when the company Bad Elements asked us about an event with Toto.

The task was to organize an event catering for 30-45 people, with sushi vegetarian and also classic, with fish and a main course, also normal and vegetarian.

Our kitchen has chosen, based on the budget, a selection of individual nigiri. Especially rolls are  for such events particularly suitable roles selected, also here there were both classic and vegetarian variants. Sushi is of course actually very well suited as finger food for a catering or a flying buffet, however, it also requires sufficient quantities of suitable dishes, chopsticks, soy sauce dispensers and so on and so forth.

The lecture is coming to an end, the work is done, the catering is already ready.

Challenging main dish for a catering: Zaru soba

For the main course, our team chose zaru soba. Zaru soba are cold noodles slurped with a tsuyu, a cold broth. Just the thing for a sultry summer evening! The noodles are enhanced with various inlays such as grated radish, grated ginger, scallions, nori shavings and finely cooked scrambled organic eggs. On top, our chef has made a "kaki-age", a finely fried assortment of shrimp, onions and corn. 

All the utensils for zaru soba are neatly prepared, because it only tastes authentic when freshly assembled.

Catering should not taste like catering

Since this typical traditional Japanese dish is of course not familiar to everyone in Germany, we had the pleasant task of contacting the guests directly, explaining the composition of the individual ingredients and giving advice. 

At this point, we were able to show off our authentic Japanese food selection and also enjoy the exchange with interested guests, to whom we can explain the dishes and bring them closer. Because a ready-delivered dish would have been more convenient and less pesonal-intensive for a catering - but also less authentic and maybe even because the taste is more accessible that way,  less delicious. Japanese cuisine, culture and technology always inspire with their depth and thoughtfulness - if you can get involved or have someone who can introduce you to them.

The hot kitchen is ready!

Homemade desserts in party service

Finally, we had the homemade azuki cheesecake. 

Japanese azuki beans may be familiar to some from the wistful Japanese movie "Cherry Blossoms and Red Beans" - Japanese and Japan connoisseurs know and love the sweets made from the red beans for not being as overly sweet as many desserts we know in Western patisserie. In particular, the azuki cheesecake, which we can only ever bake in small batches, is well received by our customers. However, depending on the customer's price expectations, we can offer quite different desserts and also advise our customers there.

The popular homemade azuki cheesecake, always available in small quantities.

Many years of experience with business catering in Munich

Once again we are happy about the positive feedback. If the customer is satisfied and his guests thank us again on the way out for the delicious food and the good service, then the elaborate preparation and coordination that Japanese catering requires has also been worthwhile for us in the end.

In the meantime, we at SUSHIYA have gained a lot of experience with the most diverse caterings around Japanese cuisine, with and without sushi, for private or business events, with many or few guests. If you are interested in catering, please contact us using the form below. We can't and won't do everything - but when it comes to conscientious planning and execution, you've come to the right place.

Sharing pleasure in Japanese

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