Sake tasting at the sushi restaurant sansaro in Munich

Sake Tasting

Sake is the Japanese equivalent of Western wine made from grapes: a fine, aromatic drink brewed only from rice. But while wine has about 200 to 300 aromas, a good sake beguiles the senses with up to 800 aromas.

In ancient Japan, sake was used as a ritual offering due to its purity and is therefore considered the "drink of the gods". Our premium sake are among the top 5% of Japanese sake production and are sourced from select artisan producers. 

Such sake is best enjoyed slightly chilled. In reality, good sake has little to do with the "hot rice liquor" that sake used to be known as in Germany. In order to introduce you to the special culture of high-quality Japanese sake, we regularly organize special events, sake tastings.

Collage from Sushi Restaurant Sushiya Munich

Sake Tasting

Explore with us the world of Japanese premium sake. We explain to you the production method of sake, tasted together with you 6 different sake. Our kitchen delivers a fine food pairing of the extra class, individually matched to the sake we taste.

As always, we will publish further details about the program in good time on our blog.

We ask for timely registration, because the places are limited and our cooks have to pre-order the material early. Registration is binding. Participation fee for sake, lecture and food pairing per person 89,- Euro. Attention: please let us know well in advance if you want to keep your seat reserved after the event, in case you want to continue eating, talking and enjoying with us after 18h!

Mini Sake Tasting 24.10.2021

Finally, the Corona pandemic seems to have been banished and we can once again host one of our popular tasting events!

To allow our kitchen & service team to settle back in, we are hosting a more intimate Mini Sake Tasting with four courses for only 69 euros and limited seating - reserve your spot now!

(For booking you will be redirected to our old webshop)

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Buy a voucher for one of our exclusive sake tasting events. This voucher is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries.

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