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Keichitsu - nature begins to awaken

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Our Menu "Trip to Japan in January" was such a great success with many guests that we immediately extended it to February.

Now we are already in March and the classic Japanese calendar speaks of nature awakening and caterpillars becoming butterflies - and we present a new menu, which we simply call "Keichitsu" to match the Japanese season.

Seasonal menu from mid-March

The first guests have already tried the menu, which was launched on March 14, 2024, and were delighted. 

For this menu, our sake sommelier has once again created an optional Sake-The menu starts with the outstanding Dassai 23 sake and ends with a Sencha, a typical Japanese green tea, for dessert.

Maguro Tataki

Tuna in a sesame crust on a soy dashi and with small decoration

Yasai tempura

We can't do without it: there are star chefs who describe our tempura as a "benchmark", so we've picked out a few refreshing vegetables for you to make it a little more spring-like this time.


Of course, our sushi master contributes five nigiri sushi.

Hotate spinach

Something very special:

a hand-dipped scallop from Norway, freshly released, on a small wild garlic spinach, with soy butter and a kinome leaf (Japanese Sancho pepper bush).

Intense with a slightly French touch, dig right in with your spoon and enjoy the incomparable quality of the scallop.

Dessert Sakura Mochi

Our patissier makes a very Japanese, rare dessert to go with it: a sakura mochi made from Domyo-ji-kofilled with homemade anko.

Limited availability and duration

Due to the very high-quality scallops, which must always be processed fresh, the daily quantities of the menu are limited and we are also not sure how long we will be offering this menu.

We recommend: Book now and select the Experience when you make your reservationso that we can plan accordingly for you. 

We are looking forward to your visit!

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