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Mother's Day 2022 & Day Ticket Early May

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Seasonal specials at sansaro

Starting May 8, 2022, which is Mother's Day, we'll have a few seasonal specials on our menu again, both for visiting the restaurant and our Delivery servicewhere you can pre-order online for delivery or pickup.

The most important theme this time, in addition to seasonal asparagus, is seasonal sea bream.

In Japan, this time is considered one of the seasons for sea bream - when caught in between March and May, they are given the name "Sakuradai", which is a combination of "Sakura" (cherry blossom) and the modified Tai (鯛, sea bream) - the hard T becomes a softer d in the compound. 

Small sakuradai sashimi

5 slices of Japanese Dorade Yakishimo Style (lightly flamed), with cherry blossom salt and finely chopped radishes.

Our tip: enjoy sometimes with, sometimes without cherry blossom salt

Sakuradai sashimi on the day menu at sansaro in May 2022.

Sakuradai asparagus Moriawase

  • Doraden Bō-Sushi Konbujiime Uramaki with green asparagus and Myōga topping. 
  • 2 nigiri of sakuradai dorade with a touch of cherry blossom salt
  • White asparagus Somen Style sliced with butter Ponzu Sauce 
Fine little Sakuradai Moriawase May 2022

As always, Japanese cuisine focuses on the product with its original flavor. So be prepared to perceive the nuances that can be tasted behind the expectation that is extracted from the seasonal fish by the cutting technique and only very slightly accentuated by cherry blossom salt and ponzu sauce.

Sakura Mochi with Sakura-An Madeleines

Starting Tuesday, May 10, there will also be a matching seasonal dessert to go with it - more info to come.

Sake recommendation to the menu of the day

We are proud of our really very comprehensive Sake-card, which brings together many phenomenal sakes from a variety of suppliers, though admittedly with an emphasis on Junmai Ginjō and Junmai Daiginjō-Sake, as the absolute top Sake categories.

First recommendation: Amabuki Sky Wind

The Amabuki Sky Wind, a sake that we already have in our program since 2009 and which opened our chef with its wonderful, concise aroma at that time for the world of premium sake, is our first recommendation to the daily menu. You can try it in small 180ml bottles or as a 720ml bottle for the whole table.

Of course, as always, the supply is limited.

Sake Tasting at Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich
Here in the front row you can see some Amabuki sake

Second recommendation: Amabuki Strawberry

The Amabuki Strawberry is a Namazake brewed with strawberry blossom yeast. Again, an impressive aroma, here is an alternative for those who want to try something else than big bottle right after a small bottle of Amabuki Heavenly Wind.

And of course, as always, the restaurant has our Sake Tasting Flight, which is always changing. 

Sharing pleasure in Japanese

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