Artbox Archive | SUSHIYA sansaro

Ayaka Terajima| "The Little Blue Garden"


The series used in the installation, "The vase got a flower." is a sculpture project in which I combine prefabricated porcelain, previously owned by someone, with my own forms [...]

Yukari Miyashita | "Kimono - view on the nature"


As an artist and florist, Yukari Miyashita enjoys working with natural materials, stripping down to the essentials. Naturally, her floral artworks are often quickly ephemeral, so be sure to check out these [...]

Wolfgang Steck | "Blowing in the wind


"Wolfgang Steck's unusual perspective on the world was imparted to him at a young age by his godfather in a kind of key experience, when he advised him not to sit on a park bench, [...]

Anja Columbres | "Head in the clouds"


The works of Anja Columbres are visual poems that send the viewer on a surreal journey between reality and dream world. Flora & fauna, human anatomy and cloud worlds mix like [...]

Stephanie Syring | "Come closer!"

Image of blue feathers exhibited at the event Artbox in Sushi Restaurant Sushiya Munich

Whether nature scene or abstract composition, the works of Stephanie Syring catch the eye with their variety of ligree, partly transparent structures. For this she experiments with different artistic techniques. The [...]

Gregory Infinity "Circle Soleil


Gregory Infinity's works are abstract and organic, appearing exciting and opening at the same time. He attended the Master School of Church Painting in Munich, the only one of its kind in the world. Received [...]

Viola Jasmine Provost "Nature of Colours"


The idea of playing with the nature of colors, trying them out, testing their range, is inspiring. At the same time, art reflects the colors of nature, its infinite abundance of nuances, contrasts and plays of light. [...]

Eugenia Piacentini "Involution"


From humanity's first steps to existential questions, hidden deep beneath our roots and mental patterns is the sense of being part of a greater whole. [...]

rosaLee "Apophenic Painting"


Apophenic painting uses optical pareidolia. It describes gestalt vision in structures and objects. rosaLee uses experimental techniques and different materials to obtain random structures in which she [...]