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Valentine's Day 2023 - The moon is beautiful, isn't it...?

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Valentine's Day at Restaurant sansaro

For many years now, special days of the year such as New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day have been an occasion for us to come up with something exclusive for our guests in the restaurant. sansaro come up with. Whether for New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day - we always present our guests a special menu, which is not otherwise available but only on this one evening.

After we have in the past japanese love letters (2019) have written that Story of Prince Genji (2021) have told or have a little trip to a crazy culinary wonderland (2020), this year we admire the moon together in the Japanese way...

Update 02/15/2023: Photos and feedback from the event added

Behind the counter, four and a half chefs had a full schedule all evening - after several days of preparation...

Tsuki ga kirei, desu ne...?

In their hearts, Japanese are romantics - love language, poetry and longing. Probably that's why they love to travel to Germany and visit Neuschwanstein Castle and the picturesque German towns, actually all know the term "romantic street"...

Japanese reserved love statement

So perhaps it also comes that the phrase "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?" 「月が綺麗ですね。-Tsuki ga Kirei desune」became a delicate translation of "I love you." 

It turned out like this:

Natsume Sōseki (1867-1916) is considered one of the most famous Japanese writers of the Meiji period. He is even immortalized on Japanese banknotes today.

Before writing his first novel, he taught English on a temporary basis at Tōkyō College. According to legend, while doing so, he overheard a student singing the English "I love you" directly translated as: "Ware Kimi wo Aisu".

The writer Sōseki adorns a series of 1000 yen bills

Sōseki believed - as a product of his time and culture in the Meiji period - that this direct translation would not do justice to the Japanese sensibility. Because Japanese language is concise and needs context, Japanese feeling is focused on harmony, consonance, and at the same time showing your own feelings in Japan is almost something intrusive....

Thus was born this more subtle, nuanced declaration of love "The moon is beautiful, isn't it...?"which perhaps not all, but very many Japanese know. Because Sōseki Natsume himself is so famous at first that almost all Japanese know him. The story of his translation of "I love you" has also become quite famous independently and has recently been quoted in several popular TV dramas and manga. 

Whether this really happened in the end, or whether it is just a legend - in any case, the story really corresponds to the Japanese feeling for the gentle, indirect expression of feelings. And even among modern Japanese, the sentence "The moon is beautiful, isn't it...?" therefore known for a certain romanticism.

The moon in the menu

Following this inspiration, our sous chef Minoru Oida and the kitchen team have devised a 4-course menu with two main course variations for you. In addition to his sensitivity for fine food, seasonal influences naturally flow into this, but also Sushi is in the rarer form "Temari"(roughly: handballs) are represented - they are supposed to remind of the moon, of course...

We assume for a reservation for two people that one person chooses fish and one person meat as the main course. If this should be different in your case, for example twice fish or twice meat or completely different due to an odd number of groups, please write us your main course request in the booking!

We recommend the sake/wine accompaniment to the menus from 5 courses including Shōchū liquor aperitif.

Valentine's Day menu 2023

In the optional sake/wine accompaniment in advance as an aperitif:

Tete-Tonic, a unique liqueur based on Shōchū-based aromatized with 9 Japanese botanicals. Complex fragrance with unique fruitiness.

Loud little moons and also crescent moons makes the Sushibox rise for you for Valentine's Day

1st course appetizers 前菜五種盛り

・Fried monkfish, pimentos
・Scallop and squid croquettes
・Oktopus with arugula miso, ume plum, shiso
・Gelted broth with edamame and shrimp
・Spring roll with avocado and yam


A small, colorful introduction to the menu

Sake/wine accompaniment to the first course:

From the villages 2021
Winery Rosi Schuster

2nd course sushi in jewelry box 寿司

Bō Sushi with eel, Sanshō pepper
Temari Sushi with Japanese Dorade, Kinome
・Temari sushi with tuna, wasabi
・Uramaki with sardines and cucumber, moromi miso
・Temari sushi with scallops, sea urchin
・Saba Gari Maki
・Temari sushi with salmon, yuzu, turnips
・Temari sushi with wagyū, chives, wasabi
・Chirashi sushi with eggs, shiitake, shrimp, ikura


The sushi box with 9 compartments is always fun to discover.

Sake/wine accompaniment to the second course:

Nanbu Bijin
Nanbu Bijin Brewery
Polished to 60 %
Iwate, Japan

3rd course main course fish 主菜

・grilled skrei with Saikyō-miso sauce, vegetables Kinpira style, mizuna, pink pepper.

The skrei is a Winter cod


Fish or meat? This time it was balanced...

Sake/wine accompaniment to the third course with main course fish:

Saumur Blanc 2020
Winery Château Yvonne

3rd course main course meat 主菜

Lamb Chops marinated and cooked SousVide for four hours, with black bean sauce, fried radish and broccoli with wasabi-Shōyu mayonnaise sauce, pink pepper


...unlike the photo model, the meat was of course prepared for easy consumption with chopsticks 😉

Sake/wine accompaniment to third course for main course meat:

Microcósmico Garnacha 2020
Winery Frontonio

4th course dessert デザート

・Matcha Gâteau au Chocolat, Orange Pudding, Vanilla Kipfel, Kumquat Compote


Perhaps the vanilla croissant, which the Japanese don't actually know from their grandma - but some of our guests do... is a little too big.

Sake/wine accompaniment to dessert:

White Lily
Kokutō (Muscovado) Honkaku Shōchū
Distillery Okierabu
Kagoshima, Japan

Here and there we have quoted small moons inside and outside the restaurant

Valentine's Menu 2023 Feedback

It was almost a little too busy - our room was filled to capacity. We are grateful for the response and also want each of our guests to have a nice seat. But for the future, with your support, we're working on making the space just a tad more pleasant, integrating the decor a bit better. And hopefully soon disappear Air filters and partitions, which we still have set up and running until at least this spring out of sheer over-caution. As this event was fully booked within hours of sending the newsletter, we always recommend that you subscribe to the newsletter for our next culinary event. We will then announce the reservation availability there so that everyone has a chance to secure a reservation for themselves.

This time we were booked up so quickly that even long-time regulars only got a place at the last second - so we were all the more pleased about every single person who was there!

What we can say about the feedback from our guests at the events is starting to sound like a phrase. 

But in fact, we are always filled with great gratitude when, in the course and at the end of the evening, we may experience our guests enthusiastic, when they are always happy about all the details and the love with which we try to make every area more and more beautiful, to elaborate every idea always anew. (How long we can keep up this pace, this performance, is another question...).

But this is what brings us joy and as long as we can do it: thank you for your visit and wonderful feedback!

"We've been coming to you on and off for a good ten years, and it's impressive how you've evolved and come up with new ideas over and over again."

"It was excellent and really fun to be here"

"Thank you so much for a great experience!"

"You can feel your attention to detail. Great, really great!"

This is what we enjoy: always telling new stories from Japanese culture, handmade, with attention to detail and absolute competence in the kitchen.

Book for Valentine's menu in restaurant sansaro

Of course, you don't have to be lovers to dine with us on Valentine's Eve - you may also come with friends, family or colleagues to enjoy the delicious menu! 

On February 14, as always, no à la carte, no delivery or pickup - the kitchen focuses entirely on the special menu.

We also prepare again one of our popular Sake/wine accompaniments before: an aperitif with a lively, versatile sake liqueur beforehand, sake and wine alternating per course and a special aged at the end Shōchū for dessert! As always, our recommendation!

We accept reservations on Valentine's Day for an early and a late time. We open this year on Valentine's Day already from 17.30h. The tables are then usually 2,5 hours blocked for you.

Already a few hours after publication we are almost booked out.

When nothing is free online:

  • Search again with a different time - not all times are displayed in every view. 
  • Wf you can't get a place online, please feel free to write to us via the Contact form. We see what we can do for you or put you on a Waiting list, that always works out quite well due to unavoidable cancellations.
  • Best: try a double date with friends or nice colleagues and see if a table for 3, 4, 5 or 6 people is still available.

For the reservation on Valentine's Day you need a Credit card (we otherwise experience too often - again and again - NoShows). However, the payment for the evening is then made directly in the evening in the restaurant, we book in advance nothing from you.

Cancellation free of charge is possible until Thursday 9 February 22h, after that, as always, there is only a NoShow fee if we can not reassign the space.

A few hours after sending out our newsletter, Valentine's Day 2023 was almost fully booked - therefore sign up now for the newsletter, so that you are always informed in good time in the future.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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