TOKAMI chef Ken Sugawara back at SUSHIYA in 2018

For over ten years, our restaurant sansaro has been known for the highest sushi quality in Munich. We rarely report on the staff stories behind it, even though we are proud of every single employee. But in the fall of 2018, we have a change to report that we are particularly excited about.

Kenichi Sugawara back in the team of SUSHIYA in the restaurant sansaro

Happy, proud and grateful we are that Kenichi Sugawara is back with us on the team!

Ken was already there in 2006 when the first SUSHIYA BENTO STORE was opened, he was there when the restaurant sansaro was built and opened.

Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich Chef Ken Sugawara
Ken Sugawara 2006 at the (own) assembly of the SUSHIYA sansaro in Munich

Even then, he had impressed us with sound reasoning, conscientious diligence and, above all, great ideas for delicious hot dishes. And in the Japanese community of Munich he was known for a reliably Japanese quality and - typically very important for Japanese! - Modesty and good character. In 2009, when our restaurant was still in the infancy of a difficult start-up phase, he then decided with a heavy heart to return to his "old home", the Restaurant TOKAMI in Theresienstrasse to go back.

Stopover 2009 - 2018: Chef at Tokami

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Die letzten zehn Jahre war Ken dann als Chefkoch für die hohe Qualität des Tokami in der Theresienstrasse verantwortlich. Nun hat er sich entschieden, das TOKAMI endgültig zu verlassen und ist bereits als neuer Chefkoch seit September 2018 bei SUSHIYA tätig.

Ken will be working with our hardworking team of skilled, Japanese chefs (and mostly female chefs) on even more quality behind the scenes and developing new offerings with us, initially for the sansaro restaurant, but later for new projects as well.

Our "Senior Master" Masami Saito has so a little more freedom to focus more on special events, our great tastings and sushi classes. This makes our team stronger than ever. We are especially happy about this great addition, which will help us to offer new ideas for all lovers of good sushi and fine Japanese cuisine in Munich in the next months. Currently Ken is already working with our team on a special New Year's Eve menu for 12/31/2018.

More about it then as always here in the blog and especially in the Newsletter for our regular customers. We are looking forward to your visit in sansaro, reserve as always best online on our homepage

PS Update at the end of 2019: Ken has decided, after just over a year with us, to move on in September 2019 - ten years of Tokami, with many 6-day and many a 7-day week have taken their toll. We'll report back on what we've experienced and learned on the matter when we get a chance. We wish Ken all the best for the future and look forward to seeing him in the Japanese restaurants around Munich or maybe once again in our team. We remain focused on maximum quality and special creativity and are rebuilding our team to once again the popular sushi courses and to be able to offer tasting events.

Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich Chef Ken Sugawara
Ken Sugawara new chef at SUSHIYA sansaro 2018

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