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The sake brewery Matsuse The brewery Matsuse, whose history dates back to 1860, attaches particular importance to the raw material rice and the environment in which it grows. They [...]


The world of many different types of sake is also complex for foreigners because the brand name is often not the company name. One such case is with the Asahi Shuzo brewery from [...].

Lei Sake Katsuyama

The Katsuyama brewery is known for particularly exclusive sake. One of Katsuyama's sakes, however, is enjoyed by both sake pairing experts and absolute sake novices at our sansaro restaurant in [...].


There is a wide variety of breweries and varieties of Japanese sake. Here we report on a brewery that produces extremely exclusive sake and which, in our opinion, is suitable for beginners [...]

Sake Tasting Flight

Sake Tasting Flights at Restaurant sansaro At our restaurant sansaro in Munich, we have been intensively involved with the topic of Japanese sake - which has far more richness of flavor and variety [...]

Sake Tasting Flight from December 2022

The cityscape with its bright Christmas decorations these days increases the anticipation of the holidays. Also in the restaurant sansaro Christmas dinners with friends and family and year-end celebrations with colleagues take place [...]

Sake Tasting Flight from June 2022

Maybe you think that sake must be drunk hot? And that therefore it would not be suitable to drink it in the warm season? If so, then you are [...]

Sake Tasting Flight from April 2022

With the growing popularity of sake around the world, more and more people are enjoying sake even in our restaurant sansaro. For sake newcomers, choosing the first bottle among the [...]

Sake drinking temperature

Japanese sake is at times almost a mystical drink, so much there is to know about its origin, production or how best to enjoy sake can.

A significant influence has the drinking temperature, which in turn is also closely connected with the Sake category and the ideal sake vessel is linked. In this article we explain everything about the optimal temperature of sake when drinking