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Christmas 2021

This Christmas, we're not sure yet whether we'd rather be at home with the immediate family - or go to a restaurant with an air filter, where you can be reasonably safe [...]

Sake Tasting Flight November 2021

From November 7, 2021 there will be a new compilation of our popular Sake Tasting Flight at the restaurant sansaro in Munich. A beautiful golden autumn with colorful leaves on the deciduous trees. This [...]

Mini Kaiseiki Menu Autumn 2021

Inspired by a special, elaborate menu we recently hosted for a regular guest's 65th birthday, our kitchen has developed a special seasonal menu that will only be available for limited [...]

Mother's Day & Father's Day 2021

Our Bentō for Mother's Day 2021 The Mother's Day Bentō is this year a delicious, but also a particularly healthy compilation of Japanese trifles. Because especially in these times a nice [...]

Azuki Cheesecake

Our Azuki Chocolate Cheesecake, which has been a recurring dessert on the daily menu in our delivery and pickup service for the past few weeks, has been extremely well received by our customers. Have you [...]

Asparagus Sushi 2021 in SUSHIYA sansaro

Despite lockdown, we do not let us take away the joy of good and especially seasonal food and present in the delivery and pick-up service from the restaurant sansaro in Munich our contribution to [...]

Easter 2021 - in search of the (organic) eggs

This time our chef has designed a box that contains some modern dishes of everyday, quite rustic Japanese cuisine that can fill the whole family. The bright shades of color express the [...]

Hitsumabushi - Eel triple enjoyment

Japan, a treasure trove of interesting dishes The Japanese island kingdom is a treasure trove of delightful local cuisines, with each region having its own special ingredients and spices. Until a few years ago [...]

New pyramid cake in the online store

Baumkuchen Baumkuchen in Japan Baumkuchen is a very popular sweet in Japan - it is even called "Baumkuchen" in Japanese! Everywhere in Kyōto, on the busy path to the temple Kiyomizudera and in the [...]