Easter 2021 - in search of the (organic) eggs

This time our chef has designed a box that contains some modern dishes of everyday, quite rustic Japanese cuisine that can fill the whole family. The bright shades of color express the [...]

Hitsumabushi - Eel triple enjoyment

Japan, a treasure trove of interesting dishes The Japanese island kingdom is a treasure trove of delightful local cuisines, with each region having its own special ingredients and spices. Until a few years ago [...]

New pyramid cake in the online store

Baumkuchen Baumkuchen in Japan Baumkuchen is a very popular sweet in Japan - it is even called "Baumkuchen" in Japanese! Everywhere in Kyōto, on the busy path to the temple Kiyomizudera and in the [...]

sansaro Winter Menu 2018

Winter menu in sushi restaurant Sushiya Munich

Restaurant sansaro will once again have a special seasonal special starting December 8, 2018: the Winter Menu 2018. Let us whet your appetite here. Seasonal special: the winter menu 2018 [...]

Season Special Autumn Menu 2017

Dessert Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich

There is again a great seasonal special in the restaurant sansaro: the Autumn Menu 2017, a four-course menu with specialties that you do not usually find on the menu. Don't miss it! Four [...]

Popular summer dish - Hiyashi Chuka

Japanese dish in sushi restaurant Sushiya Munich

Long overdue that we show you a photo of Hiyashi Chuka - a typical Japanese summer dish, really refreshing noodles with garnishes and a kind of vinegar-sesame dressing and garnish. Hiyashi [...]