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Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is the place to be for good japanese cuisine and real Sushi very thin, we agree with experienced sushi lovers and Japanese chefs. And not because there is so much good competition - but unfortunately a lot of bad.

In our article Sushi in Munich we give a small overview of how we perceive the current status of sushi in Munich and which restaurants we have in addition to our own Restaurant Sansaro can recommend in good conscience. 

This article is about the Restaurant Mitani in Rablstrasse, one of the very few "Japanese" restaurants in Munich that are actually run by Japanese people.

Mitani, a Japanese run restaurant

In the 1990s, Rablstraße 45 was once home to the first Tokami Restaurant in Munich, which at that time served high-quality Japanese cuisine and sushi. 

Since about 2004, Japanese karateka Yoko Mitani has taken over the premises and runs the Mitani Restaurant there. 

Sushi & hot cuisine at Mitani

For many years, Mitani made a name for itself by offering a sensationally cheap lunch: 8 Euro for Nigirizushi(very tasty!) Karaage or other dishes with salad, miso soup, dessert - a sensational deal. And a thousand times better than the sushi in the countless non-Japanese assembly line eateries that flooded Munich at the time. In the evening, there was then a clear price and quality difference upwards at Mitani.

Opulent sushi platter at Mitani restaurant in Munich 2016

Meanwhile, the Mitani is only open in the evenings from Tuesday to Saturday and is very busy even on slow days: "Haidhausen is a neighborhood for connoisseurs!" explains a young Munich Japan expert, with whom we visited and tasted the Mitani again in 2022.

Sometimes, unfortunately, the service is a bit short-tempered: the Mitani has also suffered from the Corona crisis, and some of the service staff have gone back to Japan. In a crisis, the safety-oriented Japanese (and most Japanese are!) like to go home to familiar surroundings.

The menu offers the typical range of Japanese restaurants outside Japan: from simple Japanese appetizers, hot main dishes (also Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki!), Sushi & Sashimi.

Sashimi Moriawase at Mitani Restaurant in Munich in September 2022

Top recommendation at Mitani, past & present: Karaage

But what has always excited us the most at Mitani, in the past and now, is the Karaage - and it tastes better here than in many other restaurants.

Karaage are deep-fried chicken fillets with a spicy crust, typically served with lemon, sauce and mayonnaise for dipping. Quite typical for the end of the day in Japan, by the way, with a whiskey highball.

After we have tried 2022 once again through sushi, sashimi and various appetizers, we recommend the Mitani so for a typical Japanese after work: order a delicious beer (the Mitani has to offer something different than just the "TV beers"), Karaage and perhaps other appetizers to snack. Or even several portions of karaage 😉 We'll try the sukiyaki next time...

Opening hours of the Mitani

Tuesday to Saturday open from 18h. 

Attention, kitchen takes the last order already at 21h! 

We recommend to make a reservation by phone, because the Mitani is quickly filled in the narrow opening time with the few seats and only one cook for sushi and one cook for hot food. You can reach Mitani by phone for reservations best between 16.30h and 18h on opening days, an online reservation is unfortunately not (yet) available. 

Vacations and closed days are sometimes not entered on Google, so be careful with spontaneous visits! Unfortunately, the Mitani also no longer does a TakeOut.

Alternatives to Mitani in Munich

If the Mitani is closed, too far away or fully booked, we can recommend the following four restaurants, which are also run by Japanese chefs:

Kaito - Gabelsbergerstrasse

Kitcho - near Maximiliansstrasse

Haguruma - Baader Street

JapaTapa Toshibar - near Münchner Freiheit

And of course our own Restaurant sansaro in the Amalienpassage. By the way, since the beginning of 2023 there is also a karaage - but it has a different orientation: as a small appetizer, with fine black feather chicken Label Rouge made and marinated in Shio-Kōji. Still, the karaage at Mitani remains a recommendation for a quaint, tasty snack.

As a general rule, it's always a good idea to make reservations in advance at any real Japanese restaurant, as Japanese cuisine (done right) requires a lot of preparation!

Conclusion: Japanese all-round restaurant for Haidhausen residents

Japanese all-round restaurant with lively flair, a selection of sushi, sashimi and delicious hot dishes. For us the (so far) best Karaage in Munich & in addition a delicious beer, which you do not meet everywhere. 

Ideal for people who live nearby, as parking is extremely difficult and there are currently no other proper Japanese in the area.

Contact: Restaurant Mitani | Rablstraße 45, 81669 Munich | Tel. 089 4489526 | none own website
✓ Reservation recommendation! (Available by phone from 16.30h to 18h)

✗ No Take-Away!

Our tip in the restaurant Mitani: delicious karaage!

In July 2023, the owner of the popular Japanese grocery store MIKADO visited the Mitani and has - as far as we can tell - about the same impressions as we have.


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