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Trip to Japan - the summer begins

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Finally, we can respond more to the season in the sansaro restaurant and always offer our guests new menus - with the Menu 2024 we have taken a big step in a direction that brings us closer to our vision of seasonal, varied Japanese cuisine in Munich, always using the best ingredients and a lot of manual labor.

After the first menu in January and then the second menu "Keichitsu" has won many fans with its fantastic scallops, it is now time for a new menu.

Rikka - the summer begins

As always, the Japanese calendar offers us beautiful, lyrical descriptions of this time of year. In Japan, the peonies are already in bloom, the frogs are starting to sing and the bamboo is sprouting: the beginning of summer can be felt before it gets really hot. Nature is beginning to give us its bounty again. And of course we are once again offering a special five-course menu to make it simple and tasty for our guests. This time, however, there are also some à la carte dishes that you can choose from when you choose your Sushi or want to choose your own starters.

Shake Kobujime

Salmon - as always with us Label Rouge - is marinated in Japanese konbu and served with green, young asparagus, a little finely chopped radish and a ricotta sauce.

Our Sake-Recommendation in the optional beverage accompaniment:

Amabuki - Sky wind Daiginjō / polished to 40 % / 16 % Vol. 6 cl

Tempura Moriawase

Our fine tempura is already a classic in Munich - this time we are making a small tempura with an aka ebi, a large red prawn. The Japanese even like to eat the head, but for some Germans it's nothing... but the rest is delicious too.


The sake accompaniment is included in the drinks list:

Koshi no Kanbai - Sai / Junmai Ginjō / polished to 55 % / 15 % vol. / 4 c

Sushi Omakase

3 nigiri of your choice from sushi master Kazunao and 6 rolls of uramaki, 3×2 to be precise, namely hamachi avocado and spicy tuna with cucumber. 


In the sake accompaniment:

Akitabare - Koshiki Junzukuri Junmai / polished to 65 % / 14-15 % Vol. 4 cl

Kamo Sumiso

A small main course in the menu is the pink roasted duck breast sumiso.

Drink recommendation:

Rihaku - Dreamy Clouds Tokubetsu Junmai / polished to 58 % / 15 % Vol. 6 cl


For dessert, another classic Japanese mochi from our patissière Ikuko Kani, a photo will follow.


Accompanied by a matching Japanese tea.

A la carte in May at sansaro

But that's not all - if you don't want the menu or have already tried it twice, you'll also find other snacks on our current menu.


A small, homemade spring roll with baby asparagus and Aka Ebi, a large red shrimp, served with our popular homemade kimchi yogurt sauce.

Hamachi Gyoza

Naturally home-made gyoza, with an exclusive filling of hamachi (yellowtail marrow), in a broth of yellowtail and sea bream and served with (naturally also home-made) tamago dashimaki.

Buta BBQ

Pork belly marinated in shio koji with a slightly sweet barbecue sauce

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In keeping with the warmer temperatures, we have been opening the small terrace in front of our house in the evenings. Now deeply ingrown with the Japanese maples that we planted and care for in the Amalienpassage, it has become a beautiful place. When the temperatures become more stable, we will also open the large terrace.

Book online now Your table and if you select the 5-course menu "Journey to Japan" as an experience when planning, you will help us with the planning in advance. We look forward to your visit!

Sharing pleasure in Japanese

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