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Sake Tasting 29 May 2022

Outlook for the sake tasting on 29 May 2022 At the end of May, we will again hold a sake tasting, Sunday, 15.30h. Before Corona, we had regularly held a sake tasting in spring and autumn. [...]

Mini Sake Tasting March 17 2022

On March 17, we had the opportunity to celebrate the end of a workshop day by a small but nice business group with a small, individual sake mini-tasting. Our menu for the mini sake tasting on 17.03.2022 [...]

Sake Tasting October 2021

Review of the October 2021 Sake Tasting A wonderful little mini-tasting event we were able to hold on Sunday afternoon in the most beautiful weather. A small group of guests, mostly repeat offenders who have already [...]

Review: Sake Tasting May 1, 2017

Sake Tasting at Sushiya Sushi Restaurant Munich

On a rainy, cool spring day, sushi lovers gathered in our restaurant to experience aromatic high-quality sake in a sake tasting. It was a real experience for the palate! [...]